NUS, You Have Destroyed My Faith in Student Politics


For quite possibly the first time ever, I felt rather lost for words as I sat down to write this.

Let’s not beat about the bush here: delegates at the National Union of Students Conference have just elected a president who has aligned herself with recognised anti-Semites, supports violent acts of terrorism and has failed to condemn ISIS. This is not a joke.

The NUS has, quite rightly, received a rather hefty amount of criticism in recent months regarding its inability to represent a fair majority of its students. Its abuse of ‘safe spaces’ as a method to stifle debate and to dilute the right to free speech have made the Student-Left head so far left that it has actually gone full-circle to become dangerously right wing. An organisation that is littered with anti-Semitic rhetoric and silences views that it disagrees with sounds more like something out of 1930’s Germany…

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The Corruption Chronicles

Coming  soon. News and information about world events regarding corrupt leaders, bankers and scientific reasoning.


The banking crisis increases as we are all too aware. Christmas 2011 will be less than pleasant for many. But is it not all down to the banks. Corruption in many areas is also responsible.


Take or example VAT ( IVA in Spain ) and the matter or European funding. Simply put the peoples taxes being used  to ‘ assist ‘ the peoples of other European countries and of course business.  A redistribution of wealth effectively, but where is it really going ? Or more importantly where has it gone ?


We shall be publishing some very interesting examples of where this funding has in fact never reached the places , people and business it was designated for.  As the EU is so large we shall be looking at a few examples. Andalucia in Spain and Pembrokeshire in Wales.


Comming very soon, ‘ Covenant Strength ‘ the story behind the debt slavery.  And miss-direction of EU funds…..

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